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  1. Home Inspections $295
    And Get 10% off your first House Inspection!...When you're investing your hard-earned income, having a thorough Home Inspection is key to having "Peace Of Mind"! Tiffindale Home Inspections provides you with a solid view of the condition of the property you're thinking of buying.
  2. Land & Commercial
    Tiffindale Commercial Property Inspections help you understand the present condition of the property your company is interested in. Before you negotiate the final price, Let Tiffindale give you the intellectual edge with a property inspection done right!
  3. Equipment $195
    Buying second-hand Industrial Equipment can be quite a chore. Having a trained and seasoned second set of eyes to give you a closer look with an equipment inspection is simply a dream come true. We'll help get informed before you put your funds on the line.

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Tiffindale Home Inspections
Inspect Before You Buy.... Inspect Before You Sell...Inspect While You Build! We're your Certified House Inspectors
Need to find a House Inspector to do a house inspection? 
Whether you are looking to buy a piece of Real Estate, or looking to sell one, Tiffindale Home Inspections, Property Inspections, Real Estate Inspections  & Equipment Inspections can help.

When you are looking to buy Real Estate, there are many things which can be easily overlooked in the emotions of the moment. Our brains are by nature, capable of overlooking the defects, when our hearts are somewhat set on a particular purchase.
Having a second set of un-biased and independent trained and certified eyes, perform a non-emotional and thorough, Home Inspection examination of your potential purchase, can provide you with the peace of mind that you did everything possible to make a educated and well-informed decision.

And finding those "needed repairs" can also help you to negotiate for the best price on a property you're already set on owning.

When you're selling a home you've owned for years, having Tiffindale inspect it for you with a complet Property Inspection, can help you see simple problem that may need to be addressed, long before someone else points them out and uses those details to get your price down.
Talk to us about our yearly inspection plans to help keep your investment in top-shape for your family's future!

We Specialize in Home Inspections and Property Inspections for Foundations, House Inspections for Moisture Intrusion, Mold Prevention, And oue hous inspectors  are Highly Qualified in All Roof Inspections from the basic asphalt compositions to the Premium Slate and Masonry types.

Thank You Tiffindale!  Knowing the details of the home I purchased prior to the final negotiations saved me thousands of dollars on the final cost and better prepared me for the planned renovations I was already intending! I can highly recommend having the Tiffindale Company do a home inspection before you buy!
Antonio W, Hurricane Utah USA
Commercial Real Estate Inspections
Home Real Estate Inspections
Whether your spending $20K of $20 million on a commercial purchase, having a Tiffindale certified inspection provides you with a detailed Commercial Inspection or Land Inspection report about that property, may infact be one of the most cost effective decisions you could have ever made. 
Buying a home can be a very emotional and exciting decision. Having a Tiffindale certified inspector provide you with an unbiased Home Inspection or Property Inspection  report could show you the important details you may have never discovered until after the purchase was complete.  Tiffindale works on your side to help you find those important details so that you can make the best decision possible.
Our inspections are on time and we'll inspect as many houses as youd like.
Ask about our Tiffindale  multi-inspection-discounts for house-shopping!
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